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My all time favorite motorsport to watch. I usually don't watch live so I use the No Spoiler link to see the race without getting a hint of the winner before it's over.

Cycling (mostly Tour de France)!

Rode a bike regularly for many years. Started as therapy for a broken knee. Loved it. Kept doing it. Moved to Queens. Sucks for riding so stopped. Moved to Old Bridge. Haven't started back up again... yet.

Here's the official Tour de France website. Check it out!

Organizations I support.

Estes Rockets

Get your science on! Build and fly Estes rockets. It's a gas. My favorites are the boost gliders. "Back in the day" you could get a scale model Space Shuttle and several other varieties of glider. That was awesome! Now you can get the Estes Shuttle. Not quite the same as having a Space Shuttle scale model but still a boost glider.

Wish list

  • Movies and TV I'd like to have...

  • Misc

    • Beer
      • stouts (imperial and oatmeal, not so much milk)
      • ales (amber and brown)
      • IPAs, not the "more bitter is more better varieties"

Interesting Things

I'm a fan of Open Source. It has provided me many tools and lots of information that have helped further my career. Along those lines I follow Mozilla (makers of Firefox). They just posted a link to "Podcasts about the Internet: 11 excellent episodes worth hearing". I encourage you to check out the link and see if you find any on the list worth a listen. I know I did!

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